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Explore Nueva Ecija at your fingertips!

Introducing the very first travel and lifestyle mobile app in Nueva Ecija!

Biyaheng Nueva Ecija is available for download in Google Play. You may download it here or click the link below:

With the BNE mobile app, you can now enjoy the following features:
  • HIKE & ADVENTURE - unleash the adventurous side of you with various trekking sites and mountains!
  • FUN FESTIVALS - with over a hundred festivals, experience our unique way of celebration and thanksgiving.
  • YUMMY TREATS - satisfy your cravings with a wide-range of food and delicacies to choose from!
  • MANY MORE - explore undiscovered places, connect with authorities, get access to exclusive promos and many more!

BNE mobile app, your ultimate guide to Never Ending possibilities!

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