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BiyahengNuevaEcija.com (BNE) is a travel and lifestyle website dedicated to promote the hidden beauty and paradise of our beloved province!

We cover different topics like food, travel and adventure, news and other events related to Nueva Ecija. Founded in 2015, BNE is now the fastest growing online portal in Nueva Ecija.

Meet the Founder:

Aries Tudla, a blogger and proud Novo Ecijano. He is the person behind the blog "The Promdi Boy Adventures". To know more about Aries, click here.


Our Contributors:

EJ Luzon, a blogger and young marketing professional from Nueva Ecija finding his place in the Big City. He is the person behind the blog "The Boy Lost in the City". To know more about EJ, click here.


Ericson Felipe,is a freelance writer, self-taught web developer, and the founder of "The Geeky Promdi" blog, a Philippine blog publishing tech, travel, food, lifestyle, events and other worth sharing stories. Know more about Erik here.

Together, we work to promote the hidden beauty and paradise of Nueva Ecija!

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