Bonifacio Day Kamayan Food Exhibit 2017

Celebrate Bonifacio Day and National Heroes Day with a feast!  

On November 30, 2017, get ready for a full day of good food, stories, history & culture as 1896 Bistro and College for Research and Technology of Cabanatuan - Hospitality Department throw the very first Bonifacio Day Kamayan Food Exhibit: Heritage, History and Culture of Nueva Ecija. 
From 9:00am – 6:00pm, enjoy sumptuous buffet for only P299 per head. Just head to 1896 Bistro, Mabini Homesite, Papaya Road, Cabanatuan City. 

Make Andres Bonifacio proud by whipping up some of his favorite dishes such as:
  • Nilitsong manok sa saha ng saging
  • Tinapa served with Filipino Salad (tomato, onions, and salted eggs)
  • Tinola Katipunan Style and many more!
One look at these recipes and you’ll see how grounded in Filipino culture Bonifacio’s tastes are—a true-blue Filipino even on the dining table.

Aside from good food, here are other exciting activities in-store for courageous souls who will join this event:

  • KKK MOVIE MARATHON - Watching movies about Andres Bonifacio will definitely rekindle the desire to help fellow Filipinos and uplift the country through random acts of kindness. (e.g. Supremo [Robin Padilla], General Luna, etc.]

  • HUGOT SPOKEN POETRY PARA SA KALAYAAN / Poetry Slam For Freedom - The Father of Katipunan has a penchant for writing poems—poems brimming with professed love of country, that is. That’s also the same reason why it’s a good idea to invite friends and loved ones for a Bonifacio Day poetry slam: it’s fitting for the taste of this particular Filipino hero. The themes may focus on freedom, love of country, or about Andres Bonifacio himself. Make sure to decorate the Bistro that fosters a poetry slam atmosphere so that every performance is intimate and captivating. Don’t forget that as long as the poems are delivered with candid passion, everyone’s a winner.
  • NAALALA NIYO PA BA AKO? ANDRES BONIFACIO TRIVIA GAMES - Andres Bonifacio’s life and death is shrouded in mystery and myths, making it a joy whenever you stumble upon new facts or discoveries that debunk pre-conceived notions about the Filipino hero. At the Bistro, get to share the ecstatic feeling by hosting Andres Bonifacio trivia games with family and friends in the restaurant. Question-and-answer games like Pinoy Henyo will be a sure hit. Playing charades is a great idea as well. By the end of the day, everyone learned more about the great revolutionary hero while having fun.

  • KATIPUNAN FASHION: KATIPUNERO AND KATIPUNERA SERVERS - Dress up as a Katipunero and a Katipunera waiters and waitresses. Get to live out the life of Katipuneros and Katipuneras through costumes even for a short while. If you have already decorated Bistro with the Katipunan theme and looking to spice things up a little, starting a costume KKK concept is definitely a good idea. Have fun taking photos after photos of everybody (including the customers/guests) having a grand time with costumes while celebrating Bonifacio Day!
  • TAGA-NUEVA ECIJA AKO! Nueva Ecija History and 1896 Tour Guiding - A humorous presentation of the tour guiding skills of the tourism students.
  • MAGICAL PERFORMANCE - One of the main theme of this presentation is magical show and the concept is 1896 revolution and Bonifacio’s life. 
For more information, you may text or call the following:
Mr.Philip- 09363103838
Mr. Nicko-09493566254

See you there, Kabayan!

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