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Cabanatuan City's Banatu Festival 2016

Banatu Festival 2016 Schedule of Activities:


From Manila Bulletin Online

The “Banatu Festival,” takes its name from “banatu” which means “vine.” Vergara said the word binds CabanatueƱos like a sturdy vine in their pursuit to progress and prosperity.

“There are three versions from which the name of Cabanatuan came up. First part is the “banatu” vine (and the second is) “batuhan” (which refers to) its vast sand and gravel quarries,” said Vergara. “The closest version is that of “Kaban ng Tuan,” he said. “Tuan,” the mayor explained, is a Malay term denoting royalty such as datu, rajah, the present equivalent of governor, mayor, kapitan ng barangay. “Kaban,” on the other hand, is a reference to the place being rich in agriculture.

Cabanatuan was first only barrio of Gapan until it was converted into a municipality in 1777. It became a chartered city on Feb. 3, 1950, by virtue of Republic Act 526.

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  1. bat po ako natalo sa BB cabanatuan. ako po dapat huhuhuhu.

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